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a night at NYFW

Checking in from NYFW!

This week is positively nutty, in the best possible way. For me, it’s been a circus of early mornings and late nights, shows and events and meetings, and treating a parade of Ubers and yellow cabs like mobile offices, dressing rooms, and nap pods. And y’all- it couldn’t be more exhilarating.

Yes, I’m ingesting more caffeine this week than I have in months. Yes, my outfit planning spreadsheet rivaled my wedding seating chart. Yes, we hauled four suitcases (plus boxes) up the stairs to our rented walk up, the temporary home of Tornado Ravayna. The construction workers tiling in our building were the real mvps on move-in. And yes- my feet are so blistered they look like a science project. And it’s alll worth it.

There’s nothing like the feeling of the music rising as the lights go down at Skylight Clarkson Square. The magic of a runway finale and the designer’s bow gives me chills- a season of work brought to fruition in just a few minutes. Attendees and their unique fashion perspectives are so incredibly inspirational- I’m always so excited to see what people wear. Being stopped and shot by street style photographers, well, I don’t think that will ever get old. And having internet friends evolve into real ones amidst the style and shenanigans is a true gift.

I was feeling the gothic princess vibes when I pulled this look together, and I really wound up loving it. This maxi dress is so affordable, and the deep V is one of my favorite necklines on my flat chested self. I’m very into the statement bomber for fall, and I love this one from Joe’s Jeans and the way it juxtaposes the floral embroidery and the grain of the leather. (I felt sizing ran a little big, so went with an XS.) This rosy suede Rebecca Minkoff handbag is getting a lot of use this week- I snagged it at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale. I’m wearing almost all block heels this week, like this black sandal pair– I need the stability!

I wore this for an evening of events, first Samsung and Women’s Wear Daiily’s party. From there, I headed to Michael Costello’s presentation of bridal and evening wear. The looks were so beautiful, so romantic, so amazingly crafted, that I just couldn’t wait to share them with you.


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