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a night at NYFW

Checking in from NYFW!

This week is positively nutty, in the best possible way. For me, it’s been a circus of early mornings and late nights, shows and events and meetings, and treating a parade of Ubers and yellow cabs like mobile offices, dressing rooms, and nap pods. And y’all- it couldn’t be more exhilarating.

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finishing our bedroom with light and life 

Getting our new house into shape has admittedly been slow going , but progress is being made…in the master bedroom at least! I’m lucky to have had good bones- it is spacious, with good light and lovely original hardwoods.  Painting it palest blush pink (Farrow and Ball Middleton Pink, to be exact)  brought some beautiful warmth, but the space still felt a little barren. So when I partnered with Orchard Supply Hardware to improve this room, I knew adding light and life would bring both the functionality I needed and Palm Springs ‘jungalow’ vibe I was craving.

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shorts season

If we had gone shopping together five, ten or even fifteen years ago, I never ever would have considered this darling little romper, or one like it.  No insult, I would have just wondered what it would be like to be comfortable in shorts, and walked past the rack. If you had asked me point blank, I would have told you that I ‘didn’t do shorts.’

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a staycation in venice

Right before we moved, we escaped the packing madness for a short staycation near the beach. The Kinney in Venice was kind enough to host us for a little respite, and it was so nice to run away from the mess. It blows my mind just how endless packing was- such a beating. Comparatively, the Kinney was heaven on earth!

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home, health, and hustle: some updates

It’s been crickets around here lately, due to the craziness that is our life.  I’ve been updating Instagram regularly, so if you follow me there, not all of this is news to you, but I wanted to fill the rest of y’all in. So if you need a coffee of wine refill, now’s the time, before we settle in for a good old fashioned catch up.

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working on my fitness, Dove’s my witness

I’ve mentioned over and over on my instagram that I’m trying to work out more frequently and improve my strength and flexibility. Getting in shape is seriously hard work, but it’s really rewarding. Still though, some days it’s really hard to drag myself out of bed and to the gym, and I’d guess most of y’all can commiserate, so I wanted to share some things I’ve found helpful along my quest to become all fit.

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