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working on my fitness, Dove’s my witness

I’ve mentioned over and over on my instagram that I’m trying to work out more frequently and improve my strength and flexibility. Getting in shape is seriously hard work, but it’s really rewarding. Still though, some days it’s really hard to drag myself out of bed and to the gym, and I’d guess most of y’all can commiserate, so I wanted to share some things I’ve found helpful along my quest to become all fit.

A major priority for me is finding the right workouts. I destroyed my right foot in an accident  in college, so running or even lots of plyometrics leave me limping- I have to be majorly mindful of impact.  And I’m like Goldilocks- boot camp is too agro, but flow yoga is too zen. I’ve found what I love though- I’ve been spinning for several years (David’s actually an instructor) and have a serious Soulcycle obsession. I’ve also gotten into Physique57 recently, because it kicks my butt in the best possible way, and I love a good picturesque hike.

I need to fuel my fitness.  I’ve tried working out while eating low-calorie… It’s like dancing with the devil.  I have hanger issues, so I make sure to hydrate and eat a few hours before to have some gas in my tank and a reasonably good attitude.

I need to prep for my workout ahead of time! If I’m being totally transparent, I sometimes (aka always) hit snooze and need to race out the door in the morning to make it over the hill and through canyon traffic in time for class. When I do, it’s kindof  crucial that I need only do the bleary-eyed minimum. So I lay out my workout clothes the night before, pack my bag (including water, shower supplies and wardrobe changes if necessary) and can just automatic pilot it out the door.

Those are also the times I’m extra grateful for Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant, and it’s 48hours of sweat and odor protection, because it means the last night’s application is still working hard. I’m trying to kill fat cells on my own body, not sensory receptors on my neighbor in class. And while I truly expected a product with protection that powerful to aggravate my sensitive skin, it’s done the exact opposite. I can sometimes leave a sweaty studio with heat-rashy underarms, but I’ve seen much less of that issue since I switched.

And I do my best with a workout buddy. I love having someone to keep me accountable, but it’s more important that they help make the workout process more fun.  So I make David be my personal abs instructor, bribe Rachel with smoothies to meet me at Physique, and will convince everyone to tap it back with me at Soul… I’m actually hosting some classes- will share details soon.  I took Madison with me the other week, and she was so sweaty but so obsessed- it’s contagious.  I also gave her an extra Dove Advanced Care Deoderant while I was spoiling her with products, and she’s loving that too. She thinks her underarms feel supersoft (probably due to Dove’s classic ¼ moisturizer formula and Nutrium Moisture), and I totally agree.

Are there workouts that you truly enjoy? if so, tell me all about them so I can give them a try!



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  • Candace

    Sensory receptors…haha! I DIED! I’m the same way though, except I sweat so much that it’s borderline disgusting. Long lasting deodorant is definitely important to me and I have heard so any great things about Dove. I also have to put my fitness clothes out the night before; otherwise I won’t go :p


  • Marcy Yu

    I been struggling to workout daily when you travel so much but I’m trying to hit the hotel gyms everyday!! One of the workouts I been enjoying and its also fun is playing tennis for sure will recommend it babe! Thanks for recommending the deodorant I really need one that is long lasting.


  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    I absolutely love this post ! You continue to inspire me , not just by your amazing style but by your dedication to your goals ! I love the idea of a workout buddy and I’ve used and loved Dove for ages !

  • I have had the same goal this year but struggling to put it into place but your post is giving me new found motivation to get my butt out of bed tomorrow a little earlier so that I can squeeze in a workout!!

    Helen xx

  • Love this and also I rely on Dove as well ahaha for everything!!!!
    I wish I could find out a workout I enjoy, but honestly I still haven’t!
    I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and now that the weather is nicer I try to go out and run but I always have so many excuses! I’m so bad! But I do feel better after I workout, it’s just hard to actually do it hahaha
    Thanks for sharing babe!

  • Lisa Mao

    First of all love that fergalicious reference in your title LOL. Yes I find it so hard to sometimes get into the mood of working out if I don’t prep or have myself mentally prepared. I love dove products ever since i was a child and this is something I definitely see myself picking up to try too hehe.
    thanks for the suggestion – i will be looking into this!


  • Excellent post girl! I love working out, in order to feel healthy and look fit! You have a wonderful figure, now I now why, 🙂 you’re an athlete and I admire your determination. I love Dove products, the deodorant is always my ally, because it makes me feel fresh and confident no matter what! Keep going babe!

    Enjoy your week!



  • Amanda Smith

    Such a wonderful post love! I just started working out again! I bought 8lb weights and realized I’m REALLY out of shape! lol I had to go back and get the 3lbs. Gotta start somewhere! I used to use Dove all the time! I LOVE the smell!

    Manda | http:/EvocativelyChosen.com

  • How interesting that I just read your post! I actually just bought the same deodorant from Dove. I haven’t used it yet, but I am glad to hear it works 🙂 It sure smells nice. Great post girl.

    xo, Maryam

  • jacqueline

    I love Dove. They seriously have the best products. And their deodorant is so soft! Loved reading your post about how you get ready to work out

  • I didn’t know that you had an accident that damaged your right foot! Love the workout tips, I need a partner in crime to work out because usually I am so unmotivated. Love Dove products, it is so reliable and a household staple.

    ~ xo Sheree

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Finding the workout that really works for you is so important. I’ve spent months some times trying to fit into a class that I really don’t enjoy, just to realize it’s not my thing, so just like you I’ve learned to pick out the goodies. Not too rough, but not too easy either. And that deodorant issue is always a struggle, so I’ll definitely have to try out what Dove is offering!


  • That sounds amazing, I should definitely have a look at these Dove products, because I need something similar for my workouts! And dare I say that your hair is soooo gorgeous! I’m in love with this shade!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  • Love Dove Products and I use many years, The Best Products ever:)
    Never had bad experience with Dove, need to try these ones too:)
    For me exercise is very important too and I like to Do Spinning very much but Yoga is my second favorite:)
    I totally understand your point of view:)
    I am always so obsessed with your hair Color:) soooo Beautiful:)
    Love Kisses
    Happy Week for you:)

  • Amy Maree Comber (AMC)

    Dove was one of the first brand I bought for deodorant. It always smells so fresh! Loved how you tied this in with how you get ready to work out.

    I love working out and being fit so this post was so interesting to me!

  • Im on the same boat. I’m trying to lose 20lbs for my trip in 3 weeks and I actually started January and kind of actually disappointed in myself lol. I use dove but haven’t tried the deodorant yet. you make me wanna work out now! I probably should head to gym right now!


  • Elif kadioglu

    Love the workout tips! I am so unmotivated lately.. need to start working out. I didn’t know that you had an accident that damaged your right foot. Love Dove products! xoxo Elif

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