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hotel playtime in palm springs 

segauro palm springs

flat lay

When it comes to sun protection, I take it so so seriously, even obsessively, especially in the desert. Some of the actives in my skincare routine can cause photosensitivity, so I make sure to protect my skin properly. David’s too- he’ll burn badly if we’re not careful. I wear this sunscreen every day under makeup, and this one when it’s extra hot and sweaty. This one is water-resistant for swimming and such, and this powder formula is perfect for reapplying, especially over makeup.  [sunnies: similar blush, purple, red, silver]

fiji water magazines hand written grapes green

We definately didn’t need all that sunscreen during the early-morning ‘June gloom,’ if I’m being honest. So I slept in a bit, and spent the greyish time puttering around our hotel suite, writing a few cards (peep my succulents from the botanical gardens enjoying the Saguaro, too!), and waiting for the sun to come out.

pastel colors

I was glad when it emerged fairly quickly, more so when it made for a picture-postcard perfect pool day! I wore a rather sassy one-piece again, and tied my hair up with a scarf– unicorn hair can’t really get wet in a pool. My suit is last season’s, available currently in white, or there’s this lookalike as well if navy’s what you need.

flamingo toy inflatable bright colors segauro palm springs

I was a big fan of the pool area at the Saguaro. Not too crowded, poppy and colorful with the rainbow of the hotel surrounding. It had a a great bar and service, and the pool was positively stocked with fun inflatables. That floatmingo and I were meant to be, obviously.


When we had enough of Palm Springs poolside, we headed back to the room to cool off. We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed, and headed out to play tourist.

silver hair parker lobby palm springs

The Parker-Meridien was our first stop. It’s a must-visit in Palm Springs if design speaks to you at all…  the eye candy calls to me like magnetic north, and I pretty much become the heart-eye emoji.

palm springs hotel parker parker lobby

The lobby decor is so good, I can barely stand it.  Forget a room, I just want to move in right there and live among the prettiness. We briefly considered the Parker when contemplating a small SoCal wedding, and the aesthetic of the space played a big part.

front hotel dress garden gray hair

Really, the entire property is stunning. It’s landscaped to have lots of little alcoves, and it feels very private. We found a hammock in this shady grove, and it was the perfect spot to relax with an cocktail before moving on to our next adventure.


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