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rainy day style

The drought has been so bad here in LA the past few years, but we’ve finally gotten some rain this last week, and I’ve been welcoming it. I love any excuse to bust out my pink Hunter boots!

I’m normally a bit wicked witch- I’m not afraid of melting, just turning things pink! But the giant golf umbrella is a high-maintainance mane’s dream, and I especially adore this striped Kate Spade one. Pigtails are regularly my rainy-day ‘do, since they keep the mop under control. They are an old faithful; I wore canerow, as we call Dutch braids in my family, to school every single day.

I was so thrilled when Alfred Coffee opened right in the neighborhood.  I know it’s bougie as all hell, but I love having it right over on Ventura when I need a caffeine break or a change of workspace.

And of course- the sun came out just as we headed home. Typical California rainy weather.


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  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    Hunter boots are the best! Love your pink themed rainy day style babe!

    xx, Jessie

  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    Really love the Kate Spade umbrella and I’m a huge Hunter Boots fan . My daughter has the pink and I live in the glossy red on rainy days! This entire post is so delightful!

  • Omg I didn’t even know Hunters came in pink!! They are so cute and go perfectly with your cute unicorn hair!!

    Helen xx

  • Those PINK boots look amazing on your Ravayna cuz the shade matches your hair color so well for some reason. So funky and that umbrella is goals too! I have a fetish for such brolly 😉

    xx Aldora
    http://www.AldoraMuses.com | http://BeautyBedazzled.blogspot.com

  • Christine

    I am happy for rain too here in SoCal except for when I have shoots planned. Hehe. These pink Hunters are the cutest and love the umbrella too. I am a fan of large umbrellas as well so this one is perfect for me! You are too cute and yay for the Alfred Coffee opening. Such a cute spot. Xoxo, Christine

    • Sofia N

      But the day after the rain you get the best shots!! Especially if the ground is still wet

  • Sofia N

    OMG I love the hair! And I have been so happy about the rain, it has been so needed. I don’t think it has rained this much in the total of 3,5 years I have been here like it has this past week?! Everything looks so much greener and fresher!

  • Vanessa Troset

    Wow firts in principal I adore your beautiful hair babe! I need all this beautiful stuffs for a rainy day! thanks for sharing love! Kisses.


  • Yay for pink Hunter boots – they are the cutest! But can we talk about your super cute purple braids – so obsessed!


    Hello dear!!
    Nice girly boots. Pink is awesome like your hair.
    Enjoy the rain with this boots.

  • Your picture are so fun! I really like your umbrella and you look amazing! xx

  • I so need your pink hunter boots! Your photos looks so inviting and fun.
    I love everything pink


  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Haha, you’re so cute in this post and having some rain is certainly reason enough to gear up with some nice umbrellas and other weatherproof items. And you’re still all smiles despite the rain. Love that! 🙂


  • Amanda Smith

    Super Super obsessed with your hair! It’s stunning and you are definitely the rainbow on a rainy day! Hope you enjoyed your bougie drank! lol

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • jacqueline

    I seriously need a pair of hunter boots. I’m originally from LA and moved to the PNW. Girl now that’s some rain. It has been raining non stop for weeks. I’m definitely going to need rain boots. Love how you paired them

  • Hunter boots are literally the best rain boots ever designed! I love the red version so much! Also your umbrella is so adorable!

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