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Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

The email signup on my homepage works, but now with bloglovin, it should be easy peasy for you to access my new posts!  Sign up for an account over there and follow me- the app is especially useful if you’re an iphone user!

I’m also experimenting with snapchat- I’m loveRavayna. I feel totally old, but am trying. And I’m enjoying the casual relaxed vibe- social media can sometimes be serious business, and snapchat can’t be all that serious, so it’s nice.

And as always, I’m tweeting away at @ravayna and sharing life one square at a time on Instagram as @ravayna.  Links are on the sidebar- so come follow me!

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… if I had a dollar for every time I thought or talked about starting a new blog, I’d have a bunch of dollars.

… carpe diem and all that jazz.

… I’d rather make than buy, create than consume.

… I take good food seriously- making, eating, and talking about.

… things don’t need to be expensive to feel fabulously rich.

… my beloveds are scattered all over creation; this helps keep them up-to-date on our escapades.

… life is an incredible adventure, so worthwhile is the chronicle. 

… a little bravery is exhilarating.

… happily ever after is a work in progress.

I’m far from perfect, and this blog won’t be either. But I’ll be having fun with it, and I sure hope you will too. Cheers!

Thanks for reading- come on back!


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