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wiw: saguaro color hunt

outdoor hotel

palm springs

Y’all know I’m totally obsessed with the Saguaro, specifically the bright color blocking.  Where else is the generic carpet color bright violet, with saturated brights as a way of life?

hallway grey hair kendra scott

We had incredible weather during our getaway, which was just plain lucky! It can get crazy hot in Palm Springs this time of year.  Temps hovered around 120′ (I know!) during my first trip to Palm Springs, and I definately got a little woozy in the heat.  I much prefer when the weather’s warm but bearable, like it was this trip… it’s much easier to have adventures and outdoor fun.

bocce-collage-take-2 games drinking

We did just that when we found a bocceball court just downstairs from our suite. We played some bocce, and I’m just as terrible as I was in college. At least I’m better dressed these days- this striped Topshop playsuit was the perfect attire for playing around the Saguaro. 

cat sunglasses kendra scott

The team over at Studio DIY had worked with the Saguaro on a fun scavenger-type color hunt. So we we ran around the hotel, chasing colors and wagering mimosas in healthy competition. I made the realization that what I need in my life and house is a bright pink wall…. Thank heavens David’s such a good sport! 

outdoor hoteltop shop

topshop playsuit (sold out) similar, sassier // sandals// sunnies  // earrings // necklace c/o dot&evelyn // lipstick

top shop romper cat eyesloveRavayna

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house hunting in palm springs

front real estate

desert plants

After we left the Parker,  we went neighborhood exploring and house hunting. It’s one of our favorite activities when we travel- I love admiring all the lovely houses and landscaping and dreaming of living in them.

candy sky real estate white clouds

And Palm Springs neighborhoods are absolutely chock-freaking-full of gorgeous mid-century modern homes.  It’s eye candy as far as the eyes can see, and we can drive and walk and wander for hours. I was not too hot, just gorgeous for strolling.

mansionreal estate plants

The house with the lions is one of our favorites to visit- they regularly rotate the decor. The lions were accented with cupcakes this time, perfect for a cake boss like me.  And y’all know I’m obsessed with succulents and desert plants, so I drool over all the gorgeous gardens.

speed bump palm trees palm springs desert house desert flowers desert sky sound of music

And let’s be real: we are notoriously ridiculous, so there were some streetside shenanigans- skipping, silliness, prancercise and street sign mockery, and more.  And then we finally found it, the house of my dreams.

front real estate palm springs mansions

‘That house with the pink door’ has been pinned and ‘grammed a million times, with good reason. It’s absolutely perfect, down to the twin agaves and elevated lawn, and I pink puffy heart adore it. We’d never seen it in real life before, though, so after I was done squealing over it, I had to grab some pictures and pretend I lived there for just a second.

agave palm springs real estate palm springs

We had pizza at Birba for supper – we go every time we’re in Palm Springs. We always get the quattro stagioni, and also love the San Daniele, braised greens, and the egg pizzas.  We made a quick post- dinner stop at Jake’s for dessert to go, and headed back to the Saguaro.

jake's palm springs desert key lime pie hotel

The key lime pie was creamy and tart and perfect, and the ding dong cupcake was creamy and rich. Sweets with that darling husband of mine was a lovely end to another Palm Springs day.

keylime pie tank top hotel


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hotel playtime in palm springs 

segauro palm springs

flat lay

When it comes to sun protection, I take it so so seriously, even obsessively, especially in the desert. Some of the actives in my skincare routine can cause photosensitivity, so I make sure to protect my skin properly. David’s too- he’ll burn badly if we’re not careful. I wear this sunscreen every day under makeup, and this one when it’s extra hot and sweaty. This one is water-resistant for swimming and such, and this powder formula is perfect for reapplying, especially over makeup.  [sunnies: similar blush, purple, red, silver]

fiji water magazines hand written grapes green

We definately didn’t need all that sunscreen during the early-morning ‘June gloom,’ if I’m being honest. So I slept in a bit, and spent the greyish time puttering around our hotel suite, writing a few cards (peep my succulents from the botanical gardens enjoying the Saguaro, too!), and waiting for the sun to come out.

pastel colors

I was glad when it emerged fairly quickly, more so when it made for a picture-postcard perfect pool day! I wore a rather sassy one-piece again, and tied my hair up with a scarf– unicorn hair can’t really get wet in a pool. My suit is last season’s, available currently in white, or there’s this lookalike as well if navy’s what you need.

flamingo toy inflatable bright colors segauro palm springs

I was a big fan of the pool area at the Saguaro. Not too crowded, poppy and colorful with the rainbow of the hotel surrounding. It had a a great bar and service, and the pool was positively stocked with fun inflatables. That floatmingo and I were meant to be, obviously.


When we had enough of Palm Springs poolside, we headed back to the room to cool off. We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed, and headed out to play tourist.

silver hair parker lobby palm springs

The Parker-Meridien was our first stop. It’s a must-visit in Palm Springs if design speaks to you at all…  the eye candy calls to me like magnetic north, and I pretty much become the heart-eye emoji.

palm springs hotel parker parker lobby

The lobby decor is so good, I can barely stand it.  Forget a room, I just want to move in right there and live among the prettiness. We briefly considered the Parker when contemplating a small SoCal wedding, and the aesthetic of the space played a big part.

front hotel dress garden gray hair

Really, the entire property is stunning. It’s landscaped to have lots of little alcoves, and it feels very private. We found a hammock in this shady grove, and it was the perfect spot to relax with an cocktail before moving on to our next adventure.


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brights and whites in palm springs

becca crochet

green couch

We had a great time at the Saguaro in Palm Springs.  For this last minute getaway,  I was excited when I snagged a great rate on the Hotel Tonight app. A broken air conditioner in our room sent me back to the front desk before David had brought the car around, but they promptly upgraded us to a lovely chartreuse corner suite. I really love me a hotel upgrade, and have been pretty lucky lately, getting them frequently.

saguaro spa mimosaflat lay mimosa

It was very much of a working weekend for us- good stuff upcoming! That said, I had a mimosa within reach most of the weekend, and that’s just the way I like my vacations. And y’all know I’m not about to drop my skincare game while travelling, so I had a little mask-and-manicure session while the morning clouds burned off and then got ready for the day while David snoozed.

becca crochet

When the sun came out, we met it at the pool.  I’ve been loving one piece swimsuits the last few summers, and this white crochet number is my new favorite this year. I just adore white with a (safe) tan, and I think the cutwork is super sassy but still very classy.

purple wall poolside-magazine

I brought JLaw with- I just know we’d get along merrily!

one piece

swimsuit (on amazon) // bracelet // sunnies… i wish. $13 dupes! // earrings // heirloom rings (similar) // nail polish // similar pineapple dress (mine is old from TJ Maxx) // oxford

sexy back

We splashed around in the pool some, but mostly talked, read, and and drank, napped and soaked in the sun. When we got overheated, we retreated to our suite. We cooled off,  cleaned up and headed out for a little shopping in Palm Springs.

coupleflamigos lawn ornaments

Thrift shopping is always my jam, but especially int Palm Springs.   We went to several stores while in town, but I’m always most excited about visiting Dazzles. It’s full of all the prettiest things – I either want to move in or buy the store out.

palm springs dazzle palm springs

I had a very interesting and kind of sad conversation with the proprietor. He asked why we were taking pictures, was very sweet and supportive of my blog, and explained he inquired because other vintage dealers notoriously come photograph to duplicate the drama of Dazzles. So though I swanned about for far too long dancing to an amazing era-appropriate soundtrack, I didn’t feel right sharing all of the detailed images of the wares. Trust me, check Instagram hashtags if you must, but you just have to go shop for yourself!

palm springs

We kept supper crazy casual, with burgers and sweet potato fries at Woody’s. I love that place- it’s a totally unfancy diner, but the food is yummy, the drinks are cold and it’s astonishingly inexpensive. And tthe live music in the back room is so fun and festive!

sweet potato fries beer old gays

Mrs. Rose brought the house down as I devoured a mushroom burger and sipped cava and flirted with my husband… wasn’t mad at any of it.  Every day is different, but I always love Palm Springs.

split manicure turquose


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moorten botanical gardens

target kids collection

this way no running in the yard

Even in familiar places, like Palm Springs, I’m always looking for new adventures. When we ran away for the weekend a few weeks ago, we made a point of visiting the Moorten Botanical Garden and I was so glad we did! Established in 1938, it’s the loveliest enclave.

walking cactus garden purple cactus palm springs

I’ve never seen more variety of cacti, succulents, and other desert flora in one place…. I was a kid in a candy store. I love succulents- I carried them in my wedding bouquet- so I moseyed down the paths like molasses, inspecting the gardens carefully.

lava rocks cacti cactus moortins botanical gardens palm springs cactus flowers agave sugar cactus plants

Some of those cacti are older than I am, which is kind of mind boggling to think about. It was really interesting to see the transition in texture from rough bark to smooth flesh on the oldies. I have a special soft spot for agaves- we have a few in our backyard, and they’re a favorite chicken snack, so not nearly as stunning as these.

hummingbird desert flower hipster girl desert

The property is just gorgeous- beautifully yet authentically landscaped. There’s a small greenhouse, which is full of a million amazing spiky varietals, labeled and arrayed in a magical little space.

no touching don't cactus moortins-botanical-greenhouse

Marimekko Target set (kids, sold out)  // jean jacket  //  hat // gladiators

mammillaria plumosa cacti feather spine stop-enjoy-desert-smell

Creosote- that bramble with bits of white fluff- is such a weird plant, and I just love it. I was perpetually burying my face in it and inhaling. It looks so delicate, but is actually hardy, and it smells like fireworks or a campfire, sharp and smoky.  I especially adore it when intermingled with really fragrant florals, like tuberose or peonies- it’s a lovely little contradiction.

moortins palm spring plants for sale moortins succulent tables

But when I made it to the succulent nursery section, my day was made. Table after table of beautiful succulents at amazing prices… I wanted dozens, not gonna lie. But I limited myself to a small mix-and-match of $1 baby succulents. I spent far too long deliberating, but it was hard to decide which were sturdy enough to survive my epic black thumb.  All are still hanging on at home, out of reach of chicken nibbles, so I’m feeling hopeful over here!

pick-your-own-succulents pick your own succulents mismatch


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a Palm Springs weekend

To celebrate my thirtieth birthday, two of my best friends and their respective husband and boyfriend joined David and I for a weekend in the desert. We’d originally tossed around ideas like a big Vegas to-do or a winery daytrip, but my birthday falls right in the midst of my crazy season at work, so I really just wanted to relax.

While we’d typically stay at the Ace or the Saguaro, we rented a lovely house in Palm Springs on AirBNB for this trip. With lots of indoor and outdoor space, privacy, and amenities, it was the perfect home away from home.

We spent the majority of our time laughing and lounging in and around the pool.  There were lots of Pimm’s Cups,  many bottles of rosé, and soca music in the sunshine.

The cornhole and card games got seriously competitive. The smack talking, even more so.     

Heading to stroll, shop, and have brunch at Cheeky’s (bacon flight and blueberry corn pancakes for the win), Erin and I couldn’t help but laugh at our color-coordination. 

adore firepits- they take me back to my Girl Scout days. So we ended each night with a fire and some s’mores. 

I always find people’s roasted marshmallow preferences so curious. I like mine totally molten but barely tan- David capitalizes on all the ones that go up in flames.  

We had cocktails at Bar en route to my birthday dinner at Birba. We go every time we’re in Palm Springs- the pizza there is incredible. It’s so popular now, but it was great despite the crowd, and the timing of our late dinner worked out perfectly to have birthday cake at home for dessert.

I prepped three layers of this lemon-blueberry goodness at home in LA, double-wrapped it, and brought it along.  A hand mixer and homemade bourbon vanilla made quick work of some delicious cheesecake whipped cream frosting.


It was topped with the most outrageous little firework-candle hybrid.  It bloomed and spun and played happy birthday (for hours) and was so ridiculously over the top. Might need to become a birthday tradition.

We capped the weekend with brunch at Workshop Kitchen + Bar before hitting the road back to the city. That lobster breakfast burrito was just scrumptious, as were the huevos rancheros and blue crab benedict.

And of course, no road trip to the desert is complete without a stop (or two) at Hadley’s for date shakes and wasabi sunflower seeds.

  I’m so very spoiled that my beloveds were willing to spend vacation days and dollars, to fly and drive to shower me with gifts and good wishes. The weekend was the perfect balance of relaxation and revelry, a fabulous way to welcome my 30th year,  and definitely this birthday girl’s wish come true.


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