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gift guide: the unicorn life

I’ve obviously gotten great joy out of living this unicorn life, and since the holidays are truly the season of giving, I’m sharing some of the glittery goodness with y’all this Black Friday. I’m kicking off a series of 5 holiday gift guides today with all things shimmery, metallic, sparkly,  unicorn…



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unicorn hair, 2.0: rarity realized

k pop star



Once again, with feeling! I headed back to Butterfly Loft Salon to have my mane revamped with some fresh Pulp Riot color. I’ve honestly been so spoiled, working with ridiculously talented artists. This go round, Alexis Thurston (@alexisbutterflyloft) and Rickey (hairgod_zito) collaborated to make my childhood My Little Pony dreams come true.

bungalow encino zito loft hair kate spade salon day

I showed up at the salon, coffee in hand, for a day in the salon chair.  My previous color had faded to a rooty, silvery blonde, but the quinoa (I swear!)  and other nutrients in Pulp Riot, along with plenty of tlc, have kept it in pretty incredible shape. Needing to lift and even out the base for such vibrant fantasy color, we began with bleach. Lots of bleach- all the way to the root- I was a little afraid, but it was totally painless. To protect my hair and scalp, they always use Brazilian Bond Builder in with the bleach. I wouldn’t have basis for comparison, but it definately wasn’t nearly as awful as I’d feared.

salon mid style

In order to get the vivid translucence of Rarity’s mane, my hair needed to lift as light as possible.  Not sure platinum’s ever going to be my look, but it sure made for a few fun snapchats.

hair bye purple half and half process

And then the hair painting began.  It takes some time, but the metamorphosis is so cool to watch, as it totally comes to life.  For the color formula curious, it’s obviously all Pulp Riot products.  My shadow root is Velvet, Smoke, and Noir. The lengths are Jam with a little Smoke, blending into Lilac, with accent highlights of Powder.

girl hot

My color processed, was rinsed (icy water alwayssss!), dried and curled.  The early evening light was perfect photoshoot time, for an upcoming Pulp Riot magazine ad. Yes, I’d been there all day.

owner pulp riot purple hairbutterfly-loft-salon-profile-markedbutterfly-loft-salon-back-marked

Luxyhair gifted me a lovely set of extensions, and Alexis (isn’t she stunning? and that hair!) and her assistant Jenn custom colormatched them to bring Rarity’s mane to the next level. Coloring this much hair is a major undertaking- just washing and drying it is a thing- and I’m so grateful for their patience.

hair-my-little-pony.markedpurple hair  hair-purple-blue.marked purple-hair-headshot.markedunicorn-hair-pose.marked

I take my unicorn life really rather seriously ?. My hair’s almost metallic, in that the color varies depending on the light. It glows almost ultraviolet in sunlight, is moodier in the dark. The pops of blue are my favorite- they make braids and buns so fun!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the passionate reactions my hair garners from people. Some think I’m absolutely insane, but I’ve been suprised and very flattered by the compliments. If I’m out and about, I can get stopped literally dozens of times with comments and questions.  It’s been an adjustment for this formerly wilting violet- I can be so shy, but I’m certainly getting less awkward at accepting compliments and interacting with strangers.


Much to my mama’s dismay, I can’t imagine going back to brown.  This is just too much fun!


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